Jackson Heights 3AM

Author: Theatre 167

Jackson Heights 3AM

Description: Car dispatchers, sex workers, drag queens, gamblers, and insomniacs collide in the colorful world of Jackson Heights after hours.
Year Written/Copyrighted: 2012
Date Added: 8/1/2014
Content Advisory: Nudity; explicit and profane language
2 Acts, 110 Minutes
10 Females, 16 Males

NOTE: Jackson Heights 3AM is fully protected by copyright law and is subject to royalty. All inquiries concerning production, publication, reprinting or use of this play in any form should be addressed to arilaurakreith@gmail.com.

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Keywords: Characters are Mostly Young Adults · Comedy · Coming of Age · Drug Use and Abuse · Fight Sequences · Gay and Lesbian · Gender and Sexuality · Gender Identity · Large Cast Size · Many Locations · Mostly Male Characters · Social Issues

Original Production Information

JACKSON HEIGHTS 3AM, premiered in Queens, New York, first at Theatre 167 in Jackson Heights and then at Queens Theatre in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, in January-February 2012 with the following cast and crew:

Connie: John P. Keller
Brad: Kevin Hoffman
Vanita: Roberto Araujo
Pablo: Ephraim Lopez
Lindi: Flor De Liz Perez
Mikhail: Sergey Nagorny
Nakti: Indika Senanayake
Gita: Nina Mehta
Eddie: Ross DeGraw
Sam: Alex Kip
Angela: Cynthia Bastidas
Soma: Indika Senanayake
Matt: Nick Fehlinger
Mr. Mendez: Varin Ayala
Devaj: Rajesh Bose
Salim: Andrew Ramacharan Guilarte
Adela: Arlene Chico-Lugo
Jim: Neal Mayer
Kid: Flor De Liz Perez
Emeterio: Marcelino Feliciano
Caitlin: Josie Whittlesey
Mrs. Lucy (a.k.a. Irene): Josie Whittlesey
Prema: Nina Mehta
Security Guard: Nick Fehlinger
Larry: Nick

Director: Ari Laura Kreith
Set design: Michael Wilson Morgan
Lighting design: Kimberly Dowd
Sound design: Ben Rodman
Costume design: Georgie Landy
Prop design: Heidi Wenzel
Projection design: Andrew Lazarow
Production Assistant: Will Deitzler
Production Stage Manager: Sean McCain
Assistant Stage Manager: Sam Coughran