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Kirk Wood Bromley Kirk Wood Bromley is a playwright, director and performer working in the theater world of NYC. He runs Inverse Theater and The Home Of. His plays have been produced in various cities and at some colleges. LA Weekly called him "Shakespeare on mushrooms," which is only 73% true.

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Plays by Kirk Wood Bromley on Indie Theater Now

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  • Ashta+Wi-Nu ASHTA WI-NU
    By Kirk Wood Bromley
    I went into the woods and this is what I heard...
  • Be+Story+Free BE STORY FREE
    By Kirk Wood Bromley
    The World's First and Only "Story Addiction" Destruction Seminar, FREE to all who sincerely desire to rid themselves of the EVILS of STORY, carried out by Dr. Jip Syuzhet's Be Story Free Brigade.
  • Cycatrix+Adaptitude CYCATRIX ADAPTITUDE
    By Kirk Wood Bromley
    Some crazy Romanian performers come to NYC and do a play about wanting to make it in the movies.
  • Dazl%2c+aka+The+Cradle+Robber+Within DAZL, AKA THE CRADLE ROBBER WITHIN
    By Kirk Wood Bromley
    A play about a golden little being who charms everyone she least almost every one: This is Dr. Seuss meets Pillowman meets Death of a Salesman in a wild ride of a “kids of all ages” show that looks into the heart-wrenching realities of how “growing up is coming down.”
  • Icarus+and+Aria ICARUS AND ARIA
    By Kirk Wood Bromley
    A boy and a girl in Phoenix, AZ fall in love; he's a star quarterback for the football team her father owns and his brother is the biggest drug dealer in town; like Romeo and Juliet, but in a Latino/Redneck world.
  • Lost+Labors%27+Loved LOST LABORS' LOVED
    By Kirk Wood Bromley
    This play is an intricate updating of "Love's Labour's Lost," taking place 6 months (and 400 years) after the Lords of Navarre swore themselves to a year of celibacy, and containing innumerable character and linguistic connections to the original.
  • Lost%2c+a+Musical LOST, A MUSICAL
    By Kirk Wood Bromley
    A Hansel and Gretel upgrade in which the fairy tale format is transplanted and twisted into a fresh new form, containing real American myths and ghost stories, intensely modern situations and dilemmas, and troubling meditations on the way children are treated in present American society.
  • Me ME
    By Kirk Wood Bromley
    A theatrical meditation on self-identity, where Bromley starts out looking to write a play about himself and takes detours through his personal relationship with his placenta, the recent extinction of the white river dolphin of the Yangtze in China, and just what exactly he means when he says, “I am the chosen fish, chosen by me / To save the planet from humanity.”
  • Midnight+Brainwash+Revival MIDNIGHT BRAINWASH REVIVAL
    By Kirk Wood Bromley
    Taking place in Moab on December 31, 1999, the play tells the story of a wild array of millenarian weirdos trying to save or blow up the surrounding desert for a variety of noble and nefarious purposes.
  • No+More+Pretending NO MORE PRETENDING
    By Kirk Wood Bromley
    An actor named Al sits on a stage. Another actor named Matt enters the stage and they talk about shit they used to do and how Matt is famous and Al is not. Finally, a third actor named Meg enters the stage and they all talk about how Meg still does that shit they used to do. It's a show about indie theater.
  • On+the+Origin+of+Darwin ON THE ORIGIN OF DARWIN
    By Kirk Wood Bromley
    The play tells the story of young Charles Darwin's voyage on the Beagle - his long-distance romance during the trip with Fanny Mostyn Owen, his conflicts and camaraderie with the ship's Captain and mates, and the human and animal discoveries he makes along the way that inevitably lead to his formulation of the theory of natural selection.
  • Remission REMISSION
    By Kirk Wood Bromley
    Written for and based on the life of Daniel Martin Berkey, an actor who experienced remission from schizophrenia in his mid-50's; not about Daniel or schizophrenia, but an inside personal expression of his journey into and out of schizophrenia.
  • Smoke+the+New+Cigarette SMOKE THE NEW CIGARETTE
    By Kirk Wood Bromley
    A DJ recalls the brief performance career of the world's only "chamber punk" band.
  • Syndrome SYNDROME
    By Kirk Wood Bromley
    Syndrome is the first person story of Joshua Berg (written based on interviews with him), an actual Tourettic actor who performed the piece originally, about his experience with Tourette Syndrome.
  • The+American+Revolution THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION
    By Kirk Wood Bromley
    Tells the story of the American Revolution - Washington, Arnold, the Brits, the rebels - in a pageant full of battles, espionage, romance, humor and song.
  • The+Bangers+Flopera THE BANGERS FLOPERA
    By Kirk Wood Bromley
    A musical perversion of The Beggar's Opera with Mac the Knife, Polly Peachum, etc. It takes place in present day New Yuck Shitty, and follows Mac and his gang as they commit various criminal and pornographic activities.
  • The+Burnt+Woman+of+Harvard THE BURNT WOMAN OF HARVARD
    By Kirk Wood Bromley
    A young Harvard student is stalked by a burn victim who opens his eyes to the truth behind his favorite spot: John Brown's off-campus poetry/party house, aka The Beauty Shop.
  • The+Death+of+Don+Flagrante+Delicto THE DEATH OF DON FLAGRANTE DELICTO
    By Kirk Wood Bromley
    On the last day of the American Civil War on an isolated farm in the hills of Virginia, a freed slave is captured and tied up along with a Southern soldier and a Northern nurse, at which point all three are shown a play performed by Don's slaves and children called "Aethelbert and Augustine" about the coming of Christianity to pagan England in the 7th century.
  • The+Death+of+Griffin+Hunter THE DEATH OF GRIFFIN HUNTER
    By Kirk Wood Bromley
    UN UnderSecretary of Disarmament, Griffin Hunter, has flown to San Francisco to sign the Hunter Accord, a UN peace treaty that will significantly diminish illegal weapons smuggling, but he runs head on into an old friend who works for the world's largest arms dealer, who unravels Hunter's treaty and, inevitably, his life, through a series of intricate intrigues.
  • Three+Dollar+Bill THREE DOLLAR BILL
    By Kirk Wood Bromley
    Three plays all dedicated to the concept of the conservative homosexual: The first is a monologue by Dick Cheney's lesbian daughter, Mary Cheney, about her life; the second is a gay conversion therapy session that goes terribly wrong (or wonderfully right, depending...); the third is a family drama about coming out, with various weird twists.
  • Un(en)titled UN(EN)TITLED
    By Kirk Wood Bromley
    A series of lines, poems, songs and dialogues about a variety of extremely messy personal things.
  • Want%27s+Unwisht+Work WANT'S UNWISHT WORK
    By Kirk Wood Bromley
    Four women start a house of feminist studies in Athens, Georgia, and hilarity ensues as all kinds of men try to get in.
  • When+I+Met+Juliet+%2f+It+Was+A+Setup WHEN I MET JULIET / IT WAS A SETUP
    By Kirk Wood Bromley
    I met Juliet Rylance one night in a bar and we had, I thought, a real connection, but she never spoke to me again, and this is how that made me feel.

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