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Trav S.D. Performer, writer and producer Trav S.D. is the author of over 100 plays (for stage, screen and radio), 300 published articles, and the book "No Applause, Just Throw Money, The Book That Made Vaudeville Famous" (Faber & Faber, 2005). A frequent radio guest and public speaker, his voice has been heard on the Leonard Lopate Show (WNYC), The Sound of Young America (NPR), The Joey Reynolds Show (WOR), Cat Radio Café (WBAI), and a dozen others throughout the country. He currently writes the Downtown Theatre column in the Villager, Downtown Express, and Chelsea Now as well as the blog Travalanche. He has also contributed to American Theater, the Village Voice, Time Out New York, the New York Sun, Reason, among many other publications. His plays include "Willy Nilly" a musical about the Manson Family that was a hit of the 2009 NY Intl Fringe festival and "House of Trash", published in Plays and Playwrights 2001. His works have been presented at Joe’s Pub (the Public Theatre), Theater for the New City, LaMama, the Ohio Theatre (Soho Think Tank), HERE, Dixon Place, the Brick, and, regionally and internationally, in London, Portland, Minneapolis, Austin, Seattle, and Providence. He also presented hundreds of New York's top variety acts through his American Vaudeville Theatre. He is proud to have been the first contributor to after editor/founder Martin Denton, and to have interviewed over 200 indie theatre artists on nytheatrecast, the podcast series that is the voice of

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Plays by Trav S.D. on Indie Theater Now

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  • Columbia%2c+the+Germ+of+the+Ocean COLUMBIA, THE GERM OF THE OCEAN
    By Trav S.D.
    A Ridiculous-style lampoon of the 4 voyages of Columbus to the New World, in which Columbus is a woman who talks like Chico Marx.
  • Ezekiel%27s+Wheelchair EZEKIEL'S WHEELCHAIR
    By Trav S.D.
    Two women face the conundrum of what to do about their wheelchair-bound loved one, whose scientific blunder has resulted in all color having been drained from the world.
  • House+of+Trash HOUSE OF TRASH
    By Trav S.D.
    A raucous populist musical farce about Bob Maggot, a garbage man moonlighting as a Baptist preacher, and his eccentric family.
  • Kitsch%2c+or+Two+for+the+Price+of+One KITSCH, OR TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE
    By Trav S.D.
    4 sets of twins, separated at birth, meet again when the Berlin Wall comes down, causing much pandemonium
  • Misshapen+Jack%2c+the+Nebraska+Hunchback MISSHAPEN JACK, THE NEBRASKA HUNCHBACK
    By Trav S.D.
    A journey through one man’s fevered brain as he attempts to persuade us through the power of his words to join him in his quest to confront the evil represented by the title character.
  • Nihils%3a+The+Negation+of+Everything NIHILS: THE NEGATION OF EVERYTHING
    By Trav S.D.
    A nonlinear autobiography about a cat who can’t make the scene.
  • Sea+of+Love SEA OF LOVE
    By Trav S.D.
    A watery fantasia inspired by the Coney Island Mermaid Parade in which an ordinary date becomes inundated with visits from mermaids, pirates, and eventually the Great God Poseidon.
  • The+Dorothy+Building THE DOROTHY BUILDING
    By Trav S.D.
    The comings and goings in a mysterious off-planet hotel where all of the inmates are women named Dorothy.
  • The+Strange+Case+of+Grippo+the+Ape+Man THE STRANGE CASE OF GRIPPO THE APE MAN
    By Trav S.D.
    Two fly-by-night con artists exhibit a creature with a unique gift…and the power to turn the tables.
  • Universal+Rundle UNIVERSAL RUNDLE
    By Trav S.D.
    Pits two unsuspecting city slickers against the King of the Blues in a Delta bayou…with a resulting revolution.
  • Willy+Nilly WILLY NILLY
    By Trav S.D.
    A psychedelic musical satire inspired by the Manson Family

Latest News About Trav S.D.

Chain of Fools Launch Event
Trav S.D. launches his new book "Chain of Fools: Silent Comedy and Its Legacies from Nickelodeons to Youtube" with a FREE screening of new, original silent comedies made by himself (with Hilary Chaplain), Kevin Maher, Jeff Seal, Ben Model, Jim Moore, and (all the way from England) Christopher Michael, et al. Film screening to be followed by a book signing and celebration!
posted by Trav S.D. May 21, 2013

Trav S.D. On the Air

Trav S.D. on Indie Theater Now: Trav S.D. discusses 11 of his plays with Martin Denton. The result is a tour through three decades of the NYC indie theater scene, as Trav recalls original productions, inspirations, and more while explaining the themes and styles of these very diverse works.

Bromley and Trav S.D. Preview FringeNYC and Indie Theater Now: Kirk Wood Bromley and Trav S.D., who have collectively appeared in 8 FringeNYC's, talk about their new shows in the 2011 festival. There's also a lot of discussion about Indie Theater Now, the digital theater library for the 21st century.

Trav S.D.’s Tent Show Tetragrammaton: Trav S.D. and collaborators Sarah Engelke, Carolyn Raship, and Timothy McCown Reynolds talk about their upcoming show at La MaMa. Highlight: Timothy talks about his only previous time working at La MaMa, many years ago.

Playwrights in Conversation: Trav S.D. & John Clancy: FringeNYC veterans John Clancy and Trav S.D. talk to each other about their careers and their 2009 entries (respectively, THE EVENT and WILLY NILLY). Highlight: John tells what it's like to return to the festival after a 7-year absence.