Theresa Buchheister


A performance that implodes the notion of identity and predetermined roles.


Keep working, you.


A strange orchestration of people in spaces.


In a world where all has happened before and yet all is happening for the first time, there is a competition to achieve distinction and destruction.


They win and lose, fall in and out of love, make multiple mistakes and, in the end, they die - it is a rip-roaring comedy.


Two isolated strangers must navigate through an impossible landscape and its mysterious inhabitants to answer the question: Where did all of these severed feet come from?

Theresa Buchheister is a writer/director/event maker/performer from Manhattan, KS.  She graduated from The University of Kansas and then moved to NY to do Richard Foreman's The Gods Are Pounding My Head aka Lumberjack Messiah

In 2006, Theresa wrote/directed/produced Q and Y: A Brief Comedy About Death and started Title:Point with Samara Naeymi.  Since then, Title:Point has produced many plays and events and spectacles all over- from old churches to bars to theatres to basements to our current home in DIY punk venue, Silent Barn.  Title:Point is now run by Theresa, Ryan William Downey, Scott Ries and our amazing frequent collaborators.  Theresa also has had the pleasure of working with Jeff Stark, Jeffrey M. Jones, Harrison David Rivers, Mark Krawczuk, Gina Femia, Adam R. Burnett and many others on non Title:Point adventures. 

More About Theresa Buchheister

Playwrights on Playwrights: Adam R. Burnett on Theresa Buchheister and Sarah Graalman [May 20, 2012]
Adam R. Burnett, who frequently collaborates with Theresa Buchheister, writes about her and another collaborator, writer Sarah Graalman.

Never Odd Or Even at The Brick Theater. [September 10, 2015]
Five isolated human shapes pivot through time and space while navigating the fantastical beasts, misguided faith healers, confounding mathematicians, and earnest cowboys they encounter and become. A phantasmagorical delve into the interiors of the m i n d . Directed by Theresa Buchheister Written by Theresa Buchheister, Spencer Campbell, Ryan William Downey, and Scott Ries Featuring Ryan William Downey, Justin Anselmi, Glor Klar, Catrin Lloyd-Bollard, and J.R. Rose AD/SM/Creative Team Blake E. Bolan, Joey LePage, and Brian Lady Set Design by Claire Wood Music by Jeff Tobias Technical Design by Scott Ries Costume Design by Alyse Lamb Layout and Design by Chrissy Reilly Photography by Walter Wlodarczyk

The Mind King [September 25, 2014]
Two men in a mechanical room claim to be ‘The Mind King.’ A silent lady in the shadows pulls the strings on a live surveillance feed as they explore all manners of hopes, fears, anxieties, and emotions. They delve deep into the duality of human existence cracking open the conscious and unconscious in a hectic 60 minute romp full of complex language, poetic movement and vaudevillian tendencies. Directed by Theresa Buchheister Featuring the artwork of Mark Toneff Cast Ryan William Downey (The Angel) J.R. Rose (Paul) Melody Balczon (Anna Marie)

Everything Of Any Value [August 8, 2014]
Eight figures stopping/starting in the midst of a great transition. Meeting in a triangle square, psychically obeying an avalanche of gymnasts and tightrope walking daredevils. Filling the lives of lives that are full. A single point of obsession. 7 slow slow deaths. You son of a ... Featuring Blake E. Bolan Catrin Lloyd-Bollard Theresa Buchheister Spencer Campbell Ryan William Downey E James Ford Joey LePage Scott Ries