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Theresa Buchheister Theresa is from Manhattan, KS and got her degree from The University of Kansas. While in High School, Theresa participated in the Experimental Theatre Workshop, created for High School students by the head of the philosophy department at Kansas State University, Jim Hamilton. She also collaborated for the first time with Harrison David Rivers, with whom she still works. While at The University of Kansas, Theresa was heavily influenced by professors Mary Karen Dahl, Patricia Ybarra, Mechele Leon, and Ron Willis. She also worked on shows with Matt Hislope and Josh Meyer (now of Rubber Rep in Austin, TX), who continue to be a massive influence. Upon moving to New York in 2004, she plunged into 8 months with Richard Foreman, performing in The Gods Are Pounding My Head . Along with Mister Foreman, Jeff M. Jones, Matthew Maguire, Judith Malina, Hanon Reznikov, Barbara Vann, Ellie Covan, Jeff Stark, and Morgan von prelle Pecelli have been mentors, guides, friends, and colleagues. Theresa wrote several plays while in KS, but since moving to NY and starting Title:Point Productions (originally with Samara Naeymi and currently with Ryan William Downey), she has written and directed 3 full productions and a multitude of short weird plays and events, with 4 plays currently in the works. Theresa performs and builds sets from time to time, especially if it seems particularly terrifying to do so. Beyond working within Title:Point, Theresa has created plays, events, and installations with Jeff Stark, Secret Parks, Lost Horizons Night Market, Harrison David Rivers, Buran Theatre Company, BE Theatre Company, Sarah Graalman, and Amy von Harrington. Title:Point has received funding from The Mental Insight Foundation and The Puffin Foundation. Theresa just finished working on Buran Theater Company's Nightmares. Title:Point Productions is now the resident theatre folk in Silent Barn.

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Plays by Theresa Buchheister on Indie Theater Now

Buy all 5 plays (reg. price: $6.45) for $4.00

  • Destructo+Snack%2c+USA DESTRUCTO SNACK, USA
    By Theresa Buchheister and Sarah Graalman
    A performance that implodes the notion of identity and predetermined roles.
  • Field+309 FIELD 309
    By Theresa Buchheister
    Keep working, you.
  • Gradient+Haircuts GRADIENT HAIRCUTS
    By Theresa Buchheister
    A strange orchestration of people in spaces.
  • Journey+Path%3a+An+Experiment+in+Rightness JOURNEY PATH: AN EXPERIMENT IN RIGHTNESS
    By Theresa Buchheister
    In a world where all has happened before and yet all is happening for the first time, there is a competition to achieve distinction and destruction.
  • Q+and+Y%3a+A+Brief+Comedy+About+Death Q AND Y: A BRIEF COMEDY ABOUT DEATH
    By Theresa Buchheister
    They win and lose, fall in and out of love, make multiple mistakes and, in the end, they die - it is a rip-roaring comedy.

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New play published: Gradient Haircuts
A strange orchestration of people in spaces. By: Theresa Buchheister
posted by Indie Theater Now Sep 29, 2013

Kacey Stamats reviews Salish
Title:Point’s Salish is about severed feet on a beach. It is about two terrified and sympathetic strangers. It is about being lost or stranded in the dark mysterious place were the...
posted by Indie Theater Now Jul 27, 2013

William Burroughs' "The Wild Boys" as Immersive 3 Apt House Party
Title: Point Productions and The Silent Barn proudly invite you to a kaleidoscopic reading and immersive performance of William S Burroughs' 'The Wild Boys' in the residences of The Silent Barn on June 15th, in the year of our Lord, 2013. In 3 evermoving clockwork parts. Maps and Instructions provided at entry. Featuring performers: Ryan Downey, Jeff Stark, Steve Laing, Luis Moreno, Fil Voasek, Tom Picasso, Rob Granniss, Theresa Buchheister. Audio cut-up installations by G Lucas Crane and Scott Ries, feast provided by Crane and Dale Buchheister, with Shane Donnelly and a Dream Machine Room. More info on FB page.
posted by Theresa Buchheister May 21, 2013

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