Penny Jackson


Brian must convince his Irish alcoholic grandmother, Stella, that it’s time for her to move to a retirement community but Stella refuses to leave what she considers her true home: Quinn’s bar and its eccentric denizens.


Some people can really push your buttons: A businessman and a drag queen get stuck in an elevator at the Marriott Hotel.


A high school girl discovers that this week's Internet sensation is a video of her having sex and is determined to handle this crisis alone.


Twelve year old Patty, who lives in a segregated Irish Catholic community in Boston in the 1980s, has a new best friend from Jamaica and quickly learns how racism and hatred can destroy families and lives.


What else can an unhappy teenage girl do with a mom in rehab and an absentee dad but meet an older handsome man at Starbucks with a dangerous past?


Set a year after 9/11, these two plays show how strangers of different ages, religions and races discover healing and hope through random encounters on the New York City subway and The Staten Island Ferry.

Penny Jackson's  play, SAFE, won best new dramatic writing at The Planet Connections Theater Festivity. This play was later produced at 59E59 in the East To Edinburgh Festival and then at The Edinburgh Fringe at The Space UK Theater. Her play, I KNOW WHAT BOYS WANT, was produced last March by Ego Actus at The Workshop Theater. Upcoming plays include SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING, produced by Playwrights Round Table, and BEFORE for Manhattan Theater Works. Other plays include THE BELLE OF STATEN ISLAND, which was featured in the all female playwrights festival Double X in Seattle. Awards include a Pushcart Prize, Barnard College's One Act Play Award and a MacDowell Colony Fellowship. Recently, Penny was the only non-British playwright to be one of eight finalists for The Kenneth Branagh Prize for Drama. She is a member of The League of Professional Theater Women and The Dramatists Guild. Penny is also the author of the novel, Becoming The Butlers, and a new short story collection, All Alices, which will be published May, 2014.

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Louise In Charlestown - The United Solo 2015 Festival at Theatre Row. [September 26, 2015]
A drama about racism and forgiveness in Boston during the turbulent era of forced integration. Twelve-year-old Patty, an Irish-American girl, has a new best friend, Louise from Jamaica. Patty adores Louise and ignores her family’s warnings against their friendship. Inevitably, violence occurs, and Patty must grapple with the aftermath decades later. Director: Joan Kane. Playwright: Penny Jackson. Stage Manager: Rae Rossi. Producer: Ego Actus. Recommended for: all audiences.

In this cautionary tale, a prep school girl discovers that this week's internet sensation is a video of her having sex. Her feminist mother wants to help but Vicky insists she can handle the crisis alone. Can Vicky free herself from the curse of social media or will she always be caught in its web? The cast features Olivia Scott, Lué McWilliams, Alex Esola, Kelsey Wang, Charlotte Frøyland, Alexander Nifong and Jesse Shane Bronstein. Also appearing are Molly Collier, Lori Lusted, Joshua Spencer, Meghan St. Thomas and Phoebe Torres. The production features scenic design by David Goldstein, costumes by Caitlin Cisek, lights by Dennis Parichy, sound by Andy Evan Cohen and projections by Jim Marlow. The stage manager is Tyler Winthrop. Joan Kane is the director and EGO ACTUS is the producer.

EMERALD GIRL will part of the reading series at The Planet Connections Theatre Festivity [June 30, 2015]
Joan Kane - director and artistic director of EGO ACTUS - muse to so many theater professionals here in this city. Bruce A! Kraemer extraordinary producer and lighting wizard Gina Costigan - my wonderful actor from Ireland who plays Maureen. Drew O'Kane - my talented actor from Boston who plays Dan Kesav Wable - a very funny actor I discovered in NYMadness who plays Rajiv

My comedy, GOING UP, at 12th annual International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival. [May 4, 2015]
Original production directed by Mark Pollard. Simone: Jonathan Chambers Jack: Andrew Fettes Lighting Design: Gillian Tan