Natalie Menna


An artist posing as an environmentalist struggles to survive two months on an Eco-Barge in order to compete for a Guggenheim grant and come to terms with her father's legacy.


At the corner of hope and delusion, meet Roberta. Join her on her journey from reality to unreality to projected reality and back again. There's no end to Roberta's fantasies and rants. Scary that there's a little bit of Roberta in all of us!


In the wake of 9/11, Bruno abandons his lucrative Wall Street career to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a painter. After years of struggling, he finally books a once in a lifetime project, only to develop major misgivings about completing his painting. Can a marriage-minded girlfriend, greedy guru, financial folly, and one bitchy boss change Bruno's mind?

Natalie Menna is an award-winning playwright and actress living in downtown Brooklyn. A native New Yorker, she was recently awarded Outstanding Playwriting of a One-Act and Outstanding Overall Production of a One-Act for her play Occasionally Nothing in Planet Connections Festival 2016. She was also awarded Outstanding Overall Production of a Reading and Best Actor for her full-length drama Committed at Planet Connections Theatre Festivity 2015. Committed, produced by Ego Actus, received six nominations, including Outstanding Production of a Staged Reading, Outstanding Playwright For A New Play in a Reading, Best Director, Best Actress, and Two Nominations for Best Actor.

She was nominated for Outstanding Writer for her full-length comedy Zen A.M. in Planet Connections Theatre Festivity 2014. Her solo show Roberta! was featured in United Solo Theatre Festival, Theatre Row, in November 2014 and for an Encore Presentation in September 2016.  Select previous awards include The Nettie Award for Best Solo Show for her play I-pod in the Network One-Act Festival, and Best Actress for I-pod in The Midtown International Theatre Festival. I-Pod also was part of United Solo Festival 2013. Her play Hiroshi-Me, Me, Me was a finalist in both The Strawberry Festival and The Network One-Act Festival, with two nominations for Best Actress and Winner for Best Supporting Actress.

Her work has been developed with Casey Childs, Andrew Leynse and David Caudle at Primary Stages, and Nicky Silver at The Vineyard Theatre.