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Nat Cassidy on Indie Theater Now

Nat Cassidy Nat Cassidy is an award-winning playwright, actor, and director, and a sandwich-winning musician. Raised in Arizona, he received his BFA in Acting/Directing from the University of Arizona in Tucson in 2004 and moved to New York City a few months thereafter. His scripts include:
  • The Reckoning of Kit & Little Boots - a "metaphysical buddy comedy" starring Christopher Marlowe and Caligula. Winner of the 2009 New York Innovative Theatre Award for Outstanding Full-Length Script; nominated for Outstanding Production (Gallery Players/Engine37) and Outstanding Actor in a Lead Role (David Ian Lee, whose Sleeper, which Nat directed, can be found on this very site); soon-to-be published by United Stages;
  • Any Day Now - a three-act kitchen sink family drama about the resurrection of the dead. Winner of the 2009 NYIT Award for Outstanding Actress in a Lead Role (Elyse Mirto); nominated for Outstanding Director (Nat Cassidy); published in the 2010 edition of Plays & Playwrights; called "Genius ... Like Sam Shepard meets George Romero," by The Fab Marquee;
  • I Am Providence - a solo show about horror, theatre, and the works of writer H.P. Lovecraft, called "the most delightful thing we've ever seen anyone pull off on a stage, anywhere, ever," by Winner of the 2011 NYIT Award for Outstanding Solo Performance;
  • The Eternal Husband - a noir re-imagining of Dostoevsky's novella, called "gripping, amazing, unforgettable" by Joe Franklin, Bloomberg Radio;
  • Pierce - a ghost story set in the Executive Mansion in the 1850s, during the administration of our tragic 14th President;
  • Goldsboro - a dark, dark comedy, inspired by the works of William Inge, about the lives and loves of a family of nuclear cannibal mutants living in the desert;
  • Songs of Love: A Theatrical Mixtape - a series of short plays--some comedic, some dramatic, all of them twisted--centered around a unifying theme, interspersed with live, original music performed by a singer-songwriter;
  • The Temple - a drama about the hallucinogenic horrors experienced by a German U-Boat crew at the bottom of the ocean as they run out of oxygen, loosely inspired by the H.P. Lovecraft story of the same name;
  • Old Familiar Faces - a drama about love, madness, and the works of William Shakespeare, based on the lives of Charles and Mary Lamb (the brother/sister team who wrote the beloved classic Tales from Shakespeare in 1807) and Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh;
  • The Romantics Comedy - another "metaphysical buddy comedy" about the after-life exploits of the Romantic Poets;
  • and many other scripts that you can usually find him working on in tattered notebooks throughout the city.
Academy Award-nominated writer Joan Tewkesbury (Robert Altman's Nashville) said of Nat's works: "Nat Cassidy has a smart, loud voice, pierced with black humor. Acutely aware, he can scare you to death, hurt your heart, but keep you laughing. A fresh new voice who has arrived right on time." Named an Person of the Year in 2011.

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Plays by Nat Cassidy on Indie Theater Now

Buy all 8 plays (reg. price: $10.32) for $6.40

  • Any+Day+Now ANY DAY NOW
    By Nat Cassidy
    As the world wrestles with the sociological, biological, and theological meanings behind unexplained resurrections of the recently deceased, one Connecticut family learns that what they thought was buried may in fact devour them all.
  • Goldsboro GOLDSBORO
    By Nat Cassidy
    A dark, dark, dark comedy about a family of nuclear mutant would-be cannibals, living in the irradiated deserts of the American Southwest.
  • Human+2.0+Part+2 HUMAN 2.0 PART 2
    By Flux Theatre Ensemble
    Short plays by David Ian Lee, David Stallings, Lauren Ferebee, and Nat Cassidy that consider how humankind's senses might evolve and change in the future.
  • Old+Familiar+Faces OLD FAMILIAR FACES
    By Nat Cassidy
    A time-jumping, heartbreaking drama about the astounding true story of Charles and Mary Lamb, juxtaposed with a modern-day American “adaptation” of the difficult romance between Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh.
  • Pierce PIERCE
    By Nat Cassidy
    The tragic and horrifying story of our most obscure president, haunted beyond comprehension and driven desperately to distraction by the death of his son, as his country crawls its way towards civil war unnoticed.
  • Songs+of+Love%3a+A+Theatrical+Mixtape SONGS OF LOVE: A THEATRICAL MIXTAPE
    By Nat Cassidy
    A series of short plays—some comedic, some dramatic, all twisted—about the insanities of romantic love, each complemented by an original love song performed live onstage by a musician.
  • The+Eternal+Husband THE ETERNAL HUSBAND
    By Nat Cassidy
    A modern-day noir thriller, loosely based on the Dostoevsky novella of the same name, about a flailing private detective whose life is turned upside-down during a brutal summer heatwave when he receives a visit from an erratic, unpredictable old man in a heavy black coat.
  • The+Reckoning+of+Kit+and+Little+Boots THE RECKONING OF KIT AND LITTLE BOOTS
    By Nat Cassidy
    As he lies dying of a stab wound to the face, Elizabethan playwright Christopher Marlowe’s life flashes before his eyes (or rather, eye); his host for this journey is his own personal Mephistopheles, the character about whom he never got to write: the insane Roman emperor, Caligula.

Latest News About Nat Cassidy

New play published: Old Familiar Faces
A time-jumping, heartbreaking drama about the astounding true story of Charles and Mary Lamb, juxtaposed with a modern-day American “adaptation” of the difficult romance between Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh. By: Nat Cassidy
posted by Indie Theater Now Sep 18, 2013

Nathaniel Kressen reviews Old Familiar Faces
By closely following a playwright’s career, one grows accustomed to their tried and true formulas – the tricks they know will work onstage. It’s therefore a special joy to see a writer...
posted by Indie Theater Now Aug 13, 2013

Nat Cassidy On the Air

Lovecraft Live: A Pair of One Man Shows: Nat Cassidy and Greg Oliver Bodine tantalize us with a discussion of their upcoming show Things at the Doorstep, an evening of plays based on the work of horror master H.P. Lovecraft. Director DeLisa White is also on hand. Highlight: Greg performs a spooky excerpt from one of the plays.

Bogard and Cassidy: Modern Renaissance Men of the Theatre: Playwrights Jerrod Bogard and Nat Cassidy are both featured in "Plays and Playwrights 2010" and co-star in a new production of "Henry VI, Part 3." They discuss this and more with Martin Denton.

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