Manuel Igrejas


A gay man reeling from the sudden death of his longtime lover meets an exotic couple, Hassan and Sylvia, who lure him into a spicy soup from which he may or may not emerge in one piece.


A lonely woman. A windy day. A plastic bag: a love story. Margarita could use a miracle. A strong spring breeze blows one of those ubiquitous black plastic bags into her path…and into her life. This is no ordinary bag and this is no ordinary day.


Miss Mary Dugan has a crush on the good-looking, mysterious guy next door. A chance encounter with Kevin, the object of his affection, forces him to ask: what does he really want--his fantasy or the prospect of getting to know his hunky neighbor in real time?


A seemingly happy gay couple meet a sexy waiter who rocks their world.

Former publicist for Blue Man Group, Richard Foreman and Streb, among many others, Igrejas has written fiction (included in Men on Men 4) and poetry (included in A New Geography of Poets. Plays include Shrinkage, Kitty and Lina, Miss Mary Dugan, Hassan and Sylvia (both Best Play winners at the Fresh Fruit Festival.) Other plays include Margarita and Max (Best Short Play at the 2013 Midtown International Theatre Festival.) New work includes the acclaimed No Strings Attached (aka NSA, O’Neill semi-finalist 2013, Finalist, The Asuncion Project, Left Out Festival, 2014.). Most of the plays are available at  Even more plays include Chantal, Lisbon and Pittsburgh!

More About Manuel Igrejas

Miss Mary Dugan & Margarita and Max; The Staged Reading. A Benefit for Stage Left Studio. [February 1, 2015]
Miss Mary Dugan and Margarita and Max are both on ITN. The original versions of each were directed by David Hilder (he won the Best Director Awards for them) and the plays were named Best Plays. This staged reading gives me a chance to work with Bob Teague, who directed NSA, again and to work with Cheryl King, Alex Beck John Fico and KC Weakley, actors I've admired. It's a benefit for Stage Left Studio, a space I love. It gives me a chance to see two of my Cedar Chips plays on the same bill. Each is only 40 minutes long and I think they complement each other.

My play NSA at the Left Out Festival. [April 16, 2014]
Monty and Luis have had a happy romantic partnership for ten years. Their only issue seems to be whether or not to get married. A chance encounter with Stefan, a sexy, mysterious waiter, disrupts their cozy lives: both Monty and Luis have a secret connection to him. Monty comes from a happy Italian family; Luis was raised over a bar by his shady Grandma. Stefan has trouble pinning down exactly where he came from though parts of his past are on display all over the internet. The three men’s lives intertwine in a number of surprising, romantic and potentially devastating ways. NSA stars Casey Burden as Monty, Afrim Gjonbalaj as Luis and Kevin Pérez as Stefan. Robert Teague of Truant Arts and an excellent playwright (Chaos and Other Worldly Possessions)directs the play.