Lenny Schwartz

Lenny is the writer/director of such plays as Buster Keaton: Fade To Black, Fidelity, The Wire Game and many others. He will be directing a play of his, Accidental Incest: Someone For Everyone at the Planet Connections Festivity at the 45 Bleecker St Theatres in June. Lenny is also the screenwriter of Scorpio Films Releasing upcoming film Murder University(July 2012) as well as their next feature, Normal, going into production in August, He is also a writer on Breaking Branches Pictures Rhodyopolis. Lenny's next play, The Brothers Marx will be produced in the fall in RI. Lenny has won numerous Motif Magazine awards for playwriting and has been nomianted for many others.

Lenny lives in North Scituate RI.

Contact Info: lnnyschwartz@aol.com