Jonathan Wallace


A play about the humanity of aliens, the alienation of humans, and the very real possibility of being eaten alive.


Holly and Hummingbird enjoy World of Warcraft, Mickey D's, and flying pilotless drones for the CIA.

Hummingbirds: “fast paced and written wittily never missing a beat.” Gina Martinez,, June 25, 2011; A Dream About Sunflowers: “All the cast and crew who worked on A Dream About Sunflowers should be proud of their work on this powerful play.” Rachel Kolb,, June 22, 2010; Pawnshop Accordions: “This play has a lot of potential, a terrific cast, and, most significantly, heart and humanity.” Julie Congress,, August 9, 2008; Shapeshifter: “The story is wonderfully human and expressed with much poetry so that [it] reminded me of a modern retelling of The Seagull….the play soared…” David Stallings, The Fab Marquee, March 2008; The Shadow-Pier: “brilliant….It is not often that one sees a play that takes genuine aesthetic and structural risks while having something real and vital to say. The Shadow-Pier…is a masterpiece…” RL Nesvet,, July 24, 2007; Waves and Beaches: “Playwright Jonathan Wallace has a sure sense of character definition and a fine-tuned ear for crackling, sometimes poetic, sometimes touching dialog….obviously a man with a load of talent.” Lee Davis, The Southampton Press, February 1, 2007; The Turtle Tattoo: “Wallace's script is interesting and original, and has the potential to be a compelling and unique theatrical work.” Fred Backus,, July 2006.

Full length plays—full productions
“the key to all mythologies” was included in the Manhattan Repertory Theatre Fall Winterfest 2011. “Hummingbirds” was in the 2011 Planet Connections Theatre Festivity. “Layla and Harley, Together Again” was produced in the 2010 Midtown International Theatre Festival. “A Dream About Sunflowers” and “Thank You, Dark” were included in the 2010 Planet Connections Festivity. “Layla and Harley, Best Friends Forever” was included in the 2009 Planet Connections Festivity. “Pawnshop Accordions” was in the 2008 NY International Fringe Festival. “Shapeshifter” ran for twelve performances in Manhattan in March 2008. “The Shadow-Pier” received a production in the 2007 Midtown International Theatre Festival. “Waves and Beaches” ran for eight performances in Manhattan and Southampton in January and February 2007. “The Turtle Tattoo” was included in the 2006 Midtown International Theatre Festival.

“The Shadow-Pier”, Abingdon Theatre, December 2005; “The Mystery Kings”, Producers’ Club Repertory, September 2006, Last Frontier Theatre Conference, Alaska, June 2007; “A Dream About Sunflowers,” Subjective Theatre Co., July 2007; “Pawnshop Accordions”, Oberon Theatre Company, April 2008; “The Difference”, MTWorks, August 2009.

Wallace’s short play, “Rockettes”, is included in a 2007 anthology edited by Roger Ellis (Meriwether); “’night motherfucker” in a 2009 anthology (Ampersand Review); “Mama's Boy” in the first edition (2010) of “Startling Adventures”.

Wallace lives in Amagansett, NY with his playwright wife, Meri, and their elderly box turtle, Berryman.