Jason Sebacher


High up in that fated dirigible, Robert Such--an impossibly-old Brit who's having some trouble coming to terms with the Modern age-- settles past loves, flirts with the nouveau riche, and discovers his own sexuality.


Two men--each running from his past, each escaping his present, and each keeping an impossible secret--are bound together for days with the mutual goal of using each other for sex and drugs, until they confront in each other the consequences of trying to stay young forever.

Jason Sebacher is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter, performer, and men’s fashion blogger, and is a graduate of the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama.  He is a founding member of The New Theatre Project in Ann Arbor and an Associate Artist at Mental Notion Society in Chicago.  Mostly, though, he self-produces.  He lives in Chicago.

He writes mainly comedies and adaptations that explore the modern individual’s confrontation with culture.  His innovations in the process of adaptation were featured in American Theatre Magazine (Feb 2011).

For a full list of productions, awards, script samples, etc, please visit www.jasonsebacher.com.