The Seventh Son

Author: Stephen Kaplan

The Seventh Son

Description: A Curse, a Kingdom without laughter, a Princess who likes to run, a Prince who likes to read, and only the seventh son of the seventh son can make things right. But will he come in time?
Year Written/Copyrighted: 2014
Date Added: 2/8/2015
Content Advisory: Two boys kiss on content for some.
2 Acts, 120 Minutes
14 Females, 8 Males

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Keywords: Action/Adventure · Characters are Mostly Young Adults · Comedy · Coming of Age · Families · Fantasy · Fight Sequences · Folklore and Legends · Gay and Lesbian · Gender and Sexuality · Large Cast Size · Mostly Female Characters · Mythology · Pop Culture · Satire/Parody

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Original Production Information

The Seventh Son was first produced in November 2014 at Bergen County Academies in Hackensack, NJ. with the following cast and crew:

Max: Gabe Green
Perry: Joey Nasta
King Martin: Carlos Tariche
Yorick: James Mernin
Roger: Ben Salerno
Atalanta: Shira Kindler
Clarice: Erin Browning
Claudia: Rachel Fisher
Dottie: Tova Tencer

The Citizens & Contestants
Princeps, Eastphalia's Oldest and First Citizen: Rachael Chau
Citizen Band, Head of the Citizen Band: Myles McGowan
Citizen Bank, Eastphalia's Treasurer: Jessica Levin
Citizen Good, A Bar/Bat Mitzvah Photographer: Anastasia Lallos
Citizen Kane, A Churro Seller: Jillian Rezen
Citizen Marian, A Librarian: Chloe Catoya
Citizen Ruth, A Tour Guide: Angela Muzai
Citizen Sarrest, Good's Daughter: Mia DiCostanzo
Citizen Ship, A Zookeeper – Katie Kane
Citizen Law, An Official Official: Kaylan Purisima
Citizen Abiding, Attached at the hip to Citizen Law: Sarah Friedman
Model Citizen, a Knight-In-Training: Michael Kaplan-Nolan
Citizen Watch, a Knight-in-Training: Jack Capeless

Composer: Myles McGowan
Assistant Director: Jessica Campanile
Stage Managers: Emily Donegan & Aidan Walsh
Asst. Stage Managers: Marcella Astore, Anna Breveti & Meghan Pressimone
Producer: Rebecca Strum
Technical Directors: Eric Eucker, Jonathan Ewell & Vinnie Ferraro
Set Designer: Schuyler Burks
Lighting Designers: Molly Tiede and Greg Solomon
Sound Designers: Matt Theisz and Jonathan Ewell
Costume Designers: Janet Hughes, Terry Thiry & Victoria Pero
Production Manager: Jen Carr