The Caterers

The Caterers

Author: Jonathan Leaf

Description: Inspired by a real-life hostage drama which took place in 1977, the play is a politically incorrect thriller dealing with the issues of anti-semitism, the role of women in the Islamic world and the West and the present conflicts between Muslims and unbelievers.
Year Written/Copyrighted: 2005
Date Added: 3/7/2012
Content Advisory: There is adult content in the play. This includes marked violence, strong language and an attempted seduction
Keywords: Characters are Mostly Young Adults · Fight Sequences · Literature and Writing · Mostly Male Characters · Naturalism/Realism · Single Set · Small Cast Size
1 Act, 85 Minutes
1 Female, 3 Males
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Casting/Production Comments:

The Caterers is an exceptionally easy play to stage from a technical standpoint. The most important things to do in presenting it are simply to find good actors and to use realistic props and sets.

From the Author:

The Caterers was inspired by an actual incident. In 1977, a group of radical Muslims took 121 people and three buildings hostage in Washington, D.C. to prevent the showing of a movie which they wrongly believed showed the prophet Mohammed on screen. Full of hatred of Jews, they occupied the national headquarters of B'nai Brith and denounced the film as a Jewish plot against Islam.

My play re-sets the story in New York in the present day in an action-filled, very intense drama dealing with anti-Semitism, women's rights and the nature of religious faith.

Regrettably, the director of the first production changed the ending of the play—altering scenes during rehearsals that I was not present at. This greatly marred the play, and left it with an illogical conclusion. Yet, in spite of this, the production received a series of rave reviews, and it was nominated by the New York Innovative Theater Awards for Best Full-Length Script of the Year, Best Production and Best Actor (Brian Wallace). My hope is that making the play available in this form will lead to a future production which is faithful to the script I wrote.

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Original Production Information

The Caterers was first presented by The Immediate Theater Company at Altered Stages, New York City, in 2005, with the following cast and credits:

Brian Wallace - Mohammed
Judith Hawking - Nina
Ian Blackman - David
Peter Reznikoff - Sir Warren Heath

Director - Jose Zayas
Costumes - Mel Haley
Lighting - Aaron J. Mason
Sets - Ryan Kravetz
Music - Philip Quinaz
Stage Manager - Parys Lebron