The Bus Test

Author: David Meyers

The Bus Test

Description: After Michael Mason loses his job on Wall Street, a troubled decision lands him back in Iowa under the care of his distant father, Hal. Michael soon reconnects with an old friend and his ex-girlfriend, and decides to build a new life in Iowa. But then an unexpected phone call and betrayal change everything, putting his newfound beliefs to the test.
Year Written/Copyrighted: 2015
Date Added: 2/8/2016
Content Advisory: Themes of suicide, depression
1 Act, 90 Minutes
1 Female, 4 Males

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Keywords: Characters are Mostly Young Adults · Consumerism · Drama · Dysfunctional Families · Families · Money · Mostly Male Characters · Naturalism/Realism · Politics · Single Set · Social Issues · Social Justice · Working

Original Production Information

The Bus Test received staged readings at The Lark Play Development Center, The Abingdon Theatre (off-Broadway), and The Platform Group (off-Broadway) with the following creative team:

Michael: Brady Kirchberg
Dan: Dave Droxler
Jenn: Erin Wegner Brooks
Hal: Rick Delaney
Raul: Thom Rivera / Jackson Mercado

Director: Reg Douglas