Summer, Deepening Then Gone

Author: Tom X. Chao

Summer, Deepening Then Gone

Description: As a callow poet celebrates what should be the greatest night of his career, a magic whistle summons him, and he discovers that an offhand promise made to a young girl years ago inextricably compels him to kill.
Year Written/Copyrighted: 1999
Date Added: 5/22/2016
Content Advisory: Strong language, depiction of brief drug use, and mild discussion of sexual topics.
1 Act, 55 Minutes
2 Females, 3 Males

NOTE: Summer, Deepening Then Gone is fully protected by copyright law and is subject to royalty. All inquiries concerning production, publication, reprinting or use of this play in any form should be addressed to Tom at

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Keywords: Characters are Mostly Young Adults · Comedy · Coming of Age · Dark Comedy · Drama · Literature and Writing · Magic Realism · Romance

Original Production Information

Summer, Deepening Then Gone was first produced July 28, 1999 at HERE Arts Center, in association with Lincoln Center Directors Lab, the American Living Room Festival Directors Series, NYC with the following cast and crew:

Thornton Bush: Scot Willingham
Caldecott Newbery: Mark Palermo
Susie Lightning: Sarah Mathews
Billy: Kris Brown
Margot: Leslie Kendall

Director: Tom X. Chao

Dramaturges: Henry Bial, Seth Madej

The production transferred to NADA 45, NYC, in September 1999 with the same cast as part of a double bill called "Two Plays by Tom X. Chao," featuring a curtain-raiser entitled "The Woman in a White Dress."