Sor Juana

Author: Cynthia Cooper

Sor Juana

Description: A young Mexican girl born in 1648 at a time when girls are denied education, Juana overcomes innumerable obstacles to follow her dream to read and learn, amazing all around with her abilities as a poet and scholar, and becoming a real-life cultural icon.
Year Written/Copyrighted: 2005
Date Added: 3/20/2015
Content Advisory: This is a family play, appropriate for young audiences, grades 1-8.
1 Act, 40 Minutes
4 Females, 0 Males

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Keywords: Art and Artists · Bilingual Plays · Biographies · Characters are Mostly Young Adults · Coming of Age · Historical · Intended for Children · Literature and Writing · Mostly Female Characters · Nuns and Priests · Philosophy · Single Set · Small Cast Size · True Stories · Women

This play is in the following collections: Women 365 Project

Original Production Information

Sor Juana was first performed 2005 with the following cast and crew:

Marta McGonagle
Eve Muller

Director: Ian Patrick Williams
Costumes: Shon LeBlanc
Set: Matt Tognacci
Music: Coro Hispano de San Francisco

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