Author: Una Aya Osato


Description: Focusing on a group of 7-year-olds, the play takes the audience into the hearts and minds of children navigating their way through life and public school in NYC.
Year Written/Copyrighted: 2007
Date Added: 2/12/2012
Content Advisory: Some strong language (if produced for young audiences or educational institutions where inappropriate the curses may be omitted, please check with the author first)
1 Act, 57 Minutes
4 Females, 2 Males

NOTE: Recess is fully protected by copyright law and is subject to royalty. All inquiries concerning production, publication, reprinting or use of this play in any form should be addressed to

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Keywords: Characters are Mostly Children/Students · Civil Rights · Coming of Age · Death and the Afterlife · Drama · Families · Literature and Writing · Mostly Female Characters · Non-traditional/Non-narrative/Experimental/Post-dramatic · Politics · Pop Culture · Protests · Religion and Spirituality · Requires/Supports Sophisticated Multimedia/Technical Elements · Sickness and Mental Illness · Single Set · Social Issues · Solo Play · Tearjerker · War

Original Production Information

Recess was first presented at the 2007 Grahamstown National Arts Fringe Festival, in South Africa, with the following cast and credits:

Writer/Performer: Una Aya Osato
Director: Lindiwe Matshikiza