Author: Michael Maiello


Description: A comic,musical exploration of religion,philosophy and conspiracy theories; also, how to take over the world.
Year Written/Copyrighted: 2003
Date Added: 6/27/2011
Content Advisory: Adult language, adult situations, optional nudity
1 Act, 90 Minutes
5 Females, 7 Males

NOTE: Principia is fully protected by copyright law and is subject to royalty. All inquiries concerning production, publication, reprinting or use of this play in any form should be addressed to

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Keywords: Brechtian · Large Cast Size · Meta · Mostly Male Characters · Musical · Musical Comedy · Mythology · Politics · Religion and Spirituality · Satire/Parody · Surrealism/Absurdism

This play is in the following collections: FringeNYC 2003

Original Production Information

Principia was first presented by Godlight Theatre Company in 2003 at Manhattan Theatre Source, with the following cast and credits:

Kerry: Brian Farley
Bob Dobbs: Rob Maitner
Crewmen/Monks: Brian Bianco, JT Patton, David Gurland
Eris: Jessica Fields
Bum: Cyrus Roxas
Aliens: Theresa Finamore, Emera Krauss, Cate Bottiglione
Evangelist: Randy MacNiven
Pirate: Flannery Foster

Director: Joe Tantalo
Choreographers: Ryan Harrington and Carol Wei
Costumes: Christian Couture
Lighting: Jason Rainone
Music Direction: Joey Clark
Stage Managers: Amy Acorn and Karen Gozman

The production subsequently played in the 2003 New York International Fringe Festival, at the Bank Street Theatre.