(o)n the 5:31

Author: Mando Alvarado

(o)n the 5:31

Description: A bar. A blind date. And a trip into what could have been and what really happened.
Year Written/Copyrighted: 2010
Date Added: 12/11/2012
Content Advisory: Some adult language and situations
1 Act, 100 Minutes
2 Females, 1 Male

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Keywords: Death and the Afterlife · Divorce · Drama · Families · Grief and Mourning · Meta · Non-traditional/Non-narrative/Experimental/Post-dramatic · Romance · Small Cast Size · Tearjerker

This play is in the following collections: Rising Phoenix Rep

Original Production Information

(O)n the 5:31 premiered on October 24, 2010, at the Seventh Street Small Stage at Jimmy’s No. 43, New York City, with the following cast:

Gina Morgan: Jolly Abraham
Benny Maldonado: Bernardo Cubria
Sandra Kertz-Maldonado: Sarah Baskin

Directed by Taibi Magar