Little Black Dress

Author: Ronan Noone

Little Black Dress

Description: Amy Beaudreaux hires a gigolo as a way to break the monotony of her daily grind.
Year Written/Copyrighted: 2009
Date Added: 2/22/2014
Content Advisory: Some strong language and violence
1 Act, 95 Minutes
1 Female, 3 Males

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Keywords: Characters are Mostly Married/With Families · Comedy · Drama · Dysfunctional Families · Fantasy · Mostly Male Characters · Satire/Parody · Sex · Small Cast Size · Video Games

Original Production Information

Little Black Dress was produced October 2009 at Boston Playwrights Theatre with the following cast and crew:

Jimmy Sr: Jeremiah Kissel
Amy: Marianna Bassham
Jimmy Jr: Alex Pollock
Charly: Karl Baker Olson

Director: Ari Edelson
Stage Manager: Marsha Smith
Set Designer: Jon Savage
Lighting Designer: Nikki Pierce
Costume Designer: Amelia Gossett
Sound Designer: Steven McIntosh.
Fight Director: Adam McLean.
Dance Choreographer: Judith Chaffee

Little Black Dress was produced May 2011 at Theatre at St Clements, New York with the following cast and crew:

Daniel Oreskes: Jimmy Sr
Nina Hellman: Amy
Tobias Segal: Jimmy Jr
Brian J Smith: Charly

Director: Ari Edelson
Producer: The Exchange