Kitsch, or Two for the Price of One

Author: Trav S.D.

Kitsch, or Two for the Price of One

Description: 4 sets of twins, separated at birth, meet again when the Berlin Wall comes down, causing much pandemonium
Year Written/Copyrighted: 2009
Date Added: 8/1/2012
Content Advisory: NA
5 Acts, 120 Minutes
7 Females, 12 Males

NOTE: Kitsch, or Two for the Price of One is fully protected by copyright law and is subject to royalty. All inquiries concerning production, publication, reprinting or use of this play in any form should be addressed to

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Keywords: Large Cast Size · Mostly Male Characters · Musical Comedy · Satire/Parody

Original Production Information

Kitsch, or Two for the Price of One was originally presented at Theater for the New City in November, 2009 on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, with the following cast and credits:

Dr. Mengler: John Calvin Kelly
Krauss: Michael Whitney
Nurse: Gyda Arber:
The Geldhunds: Trav S.D.
The Vogelbaums: Josh Mertz
The Milchsteins: Pete Macnamara
The Hanswursts: Roger Nasser
Schwamm: Esther Silberstein
Drunk: Aaron Baker
Hildy Geldhund: Audrey Crabtree
Heinz Bruderlieben: Avery Pearson
Salvation Sal: Lily Burd
Margueritte: William Kahn
Snake: Michael Whitney
Leni: Betsy Head
Kunst: Brian Mott
Lulu: Kate Valentine
Lianne: Gyda Arber
Meter Maid: Lily Burd
Mrs. Bruderlieben: Michele Schlossberg-Cwiklik
Shlimp: Gavin Starr Kendall
Seigfried: Avery Pearson
Roy: John Calvin Kelly
Dr. Geistenhandler: Tom Bibla
Policeman: Tom Bibla

Assorted Berliners: Ensemble

Producer/ author: Trav S.D.
Music by Trav S.D., with arrangements by Avery Pearson
Director: Ian W. Hill, assisted by Berit Johnson
Set design: David Brune
Costume design: Karen Flood