I Shall Not Be Suede

Author: Ed Malin

I Shall Not Be Suede

Description: A mysterious criminal transaction involves the children of those involved, including a young runaway from a circus family.
Year Written/Copyrighted: 2007
Date Added: 8/28/2013
Content Advisory: Reference to prostitution
1 Act, 25 Minutes
1 Female, 6 Males

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Keywords: Carnivals and Circuses · Characters are Mostly Young Adults · Comedy · Crime · Divorce · Dysfunctional Families · Large Cast Size · Mostly Male Characters · Mystery/Suspense/Noir · Postmodern · Surrealism/Absurdism

Original Production Information

I Shall Not Be Suede was presented at Manhattan Theatre Source's Straight From The Source Showcase, July 2007 with the following cast:.

Lady: Irene Antoniazzi
Les: Jordan Auslander
Tommy: Mike Bordwell
Shamrock: Robert Glasser
Uncle Al: Alan Haley
Brent: Vincent Ianuzzi
Smith: Amir Levi

Director: John DiBenedetto

Stage Manager: Lauren Arneson