Final Touches

Author: K.O. Johnson

Final Touches

Description: A family crisis in a Texas Gulf town is precipitated when the adult son Bobby returns home to see his dying father at his mother's request.
Year Written/Copyrighted: 1982
Date Added: 11/5/2015
Content Advisory:
2 Acts, 150 Minutes
3 Females, 2 Males

NOTE: The play contains strong language.

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Keywords: Characters are Mostly Married/With Families · Comedy · Drama · Drug Use and Abuse · Dysfunctional Families · Families · Gay and Lesbian · Memoirs · Naturalism/Realism · Religion and Spirituality · Southern Gothic · Tearjerker · True Stories

Original Production Information

Final Touches premiered at the Pilot Theater in Los Angeles in 1982, with the following cast and credits:

Mary Connally - Dorothy Dells
Lester Connally - Dana Elcar
Ruby Meyers - Joan Crosby
Flora Jenkins -Lynn Cartwright
Robert Connally - Christopher McDonald

Director, playwright, designer and producer - Kenneth O. Johnson
Co-producer and lighting designer - Bob Sertner
Sound design - Burt Brown

Dana Elcar - Los Angeles Drama Circle Nomination - Best Actor
Los Angeles Drama-Logue Award - Performance
LA Robby Award - Major Performance in A Drama
Chritopher McDonald - LA Drama-Logue Award - Performance
LA Robby Award - Supporting Actor
Joan Crosby - LA Robby Award - Supporting Actress
The Set - Los Angeles Drama Circle Nomination - Best Set Design
Kenneth O. Johnson - LA Robby Award - Playwrighting
LA Robby Award - Director of a Drama
Dramatic Production of the Year - Final Touches

It was subsequently produced at the Capital City Playhouse, Austin, Texas, 1985.

Mary Connally - Mavoureen Dywer
Lester Connally - John Martin
Ruby Meyers - Scottie Wilkison
Flora Jenkins - Nan Elkins
Robert Connally - Robert Faires

Producer, director, designer - Kenneth O. Johnson
Producer - Michele Jurosche

8 Austin Circle of Theater Awards
Best Actress in a Leading role
Best Actor in a Leading role
Best Supporting Actress
Best Supporting Actor
Best Production
Best Director
Best Set
Best Play
The productions still holds the record for the most awards.

It was subsequently produced at the Virginia Museum Theater, Richmond, Virginia, 1986.

Mary - Frances Helm
Lester - Gil Rodgers
Jenkins - Anne Sheldon
Robert - Jake Turner
Ruby - Scottie Wilkison

Director - Tom Markus
Scenery Designed - Charles Caldwell
Lighting design - Lynne M. Hartman
Stage Manager - Doug Flinchum