Fata Morgana

Author: Jeni Mahoney

Fata Morgana

Description: For Tori and Jack, life off the grid offers a welcome alternative to the turmoil of life back home… until Morgan shows up seeking sanctuary and offering the promise of long lost hopes for happiness. Having already walked away once, can Jack and Tori hold on to their separate peace, or will they risk it all for a shot at their dreams?
Year Written/Copyrighted: 2015
Date Added: 10/19/2015
Content Advisory: Strong Language, Adult Subject Matters (Teenage Pregnancy, Infertility)
2 Acts, 100 Minutes
3 Females, 1 Male, 1 Gender Neutral

NOTE: Strong Language, Adult Subject Matters (Teenage Pregnancy, Infertility)

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Keywords: Grief and Mourning · Magic Realism · Mostly Female Characters · Single Set · Social Issues · Women

This play is in the following collections: Seven Devils Playwrights Conference · Plays and Playwrights 2016

Original Production Information

Fata Morgana had its World Premiere in January/February 2015 at Boise Contemporary Theater (Matthew Cameron Clark, Artistic Director), Boise, Idaho, with the following cast and credits:

Tori: Kathy McCafferty
Morgan: Danielle Sacks
Jack: Matthew Cameron Clark
Shelley: Cherene Snow
The Crow: Dwayne Blackaller

Director: Amy Saltz
Production Design/Set Design: Rick Martin
Lighting Design: Raquel Davis
Sound Design: Peter John Still
Costume Design: Harry Nadal
Props Master: Bernadine Cockey
Technical Direction: Michael Baltzell & Michael Hartwell
Stage Manager: Kristy J. Martin
Asst. Stage Manager: Jennifer Oneida
Asst. to the Director: Brooke Herzog

Developed by Key City Public Theater at 2014 PT PlayFest
Denise Winters, Artistic Director
Director: Denise Winters
Dramaturg: Mara Lathrop

Developed by id Theater at the 2013 Seven Devils Playwrights Conference
Jeni Mahoney & Sheila McDevitt, Artistic Directors
Director: Christy Montour-Larson
Dramaturg: Tira Palmquist