Deconstructing the Torah

Author: Colette Freedman

Deconstructing the Torah

Description: A humorous evening of five women's unconventional journeys through politics, murder, romance, birth, and death.
Year Written/Copyrighted: 2004
Date Added: 9/16/2011
Content Advisory: some strong language
1 Act, 75 Minutes
9 Females, 6 Males

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Marta Praeger
Robert A Freedman Agency


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Keywords: Comedy · Coming of Age · Large Cast Size · Mostly Female Characters

Original Production Information

Deconstructing the Torah was first presented by in 2004 at , with the following cast and credits:

Deconstructing the Torah was presented by Circus Theatricals at The Odyssey Theatre in 2004 with the following cast and credits:

Soap Boxing: Eve - Megan Williamson; Adam - Daniel Gibbons 
Serial Killer Barbie: Cassandra Olympia Dunbarton - Elizabeth Kouri; Debbie - Zak Ruben; Debby - Jade Sealey; Debbi - Elise Robertson 
First to the Egg: Egg - Trena Jean Custer; Sperm - Jim Blanchette; Sailor Sperm - Jack Sundmacher; Buff Sperm - Jerry Goble 
Shoshanna's Shabbat: Shoshanna Rabinowitz - Jamie Mann; Hank Morgan - Daniel Gibbons; Schlomi Finkelstein - Jack Sundmacher 
Diamonds Aren't Forever: Samantha Schwartz - Nickella Dee Schlanger; Bob Blumenthal - Jerry Goble; Herbert Schwartz - Thomas Kopache; Sylvia Sladnowsky - Strawn Bovee

Director: Alexander Yannis Stephano
Producer: Jack Stehlin, Jeannine Stehlin   
Sets, costumes, lighting and sound by Kitty Rose. 
Stage manager, Christina Burck.