Conversations with Dog

Author: Ken Wolf

Conversations with Dog

Description: The story of angry playwright Jeff Fox who meets a giant, wise-cracking, sex-obsessed dog named Jesus who is sent down from Heaven to save him.
Year Written/Copyrighted: 2014
Date Added: 6/22/2014
Content Advisory: Lots of very funny but crude sex jokes mixed with Spirituality. Strong Language like the "F" word but all in fun.
3 Acts, 75 Minutes
1 Female, 2 Males

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Keywords: Action/Adventure · Animals · Characters are Mostly Young Adults · Comedy · Coming of Age · Musical Comedy · Non-traditional/Non-narrative/Experimental/Post-dramatic · Rock and Roll · Sex · Small Cast Size · Surrealism/Absurdism

Original Production Information

The first production of this 3 act version of Conveersations With Dog was produced at Manhattan Repertory Theatre in April 2014 with the following cast and crew:

Jesus: Anthony J. Ribustello
Jeff Fox: Ken Wolf
Janet/Elsa/Marissa: Julie Beitler

Director: Ken Wolf
Tech and sound design: Katherine Cartusciello