Accidental Incest: Someone for Everyone

Accidental Incest: Someone for Everyone

Author: Lenny Schwartz

Description: A sick and disturbing comedy about two people who find romance in this crazy world. The problem is that they are indeed brother and sister! So they are left with a question: Be miserable or be with the one person who truly gets who you are.
Year Written/Copyrighted: 2012
Date Added: 6/9/2012
Content Advisory: Nudity, strong language, extreme content
Keywords: Comedy · Philosophy · Sex · Small Cast Size
This play is in the following collections: Planet Connections 2012
1 Act, 75 Minutes
2 Females, 2 Males
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From the Author:

Accidental Incest: Someone for Everyone is a play I wrote because when I write a play, I write because it scares the hell out of me…and then I like to see if I can pull it off. It is a comedy but it is also a very sweet play about acceptance. Acceptance of all people in the world, no matter size, shape, color, or creed. It’s a sweet funny show. And Accidental Incest actually happens more than you may think. It’s just nobody wants to talk about it…until now.

Original Production Information

Accidental Incest: Someone For Everyone was presented at the 2012 Planet Connections Festivity at the 45 Bleecker Street Theatre with the following cast and credits:

Milton: Mat Clerrico
Kendra: Corinne Southern
Kevin, Sven, Bob, Tyler, Tool, Angel One: Geoff Monti
Jen, Jackie, Cindy, Angel Two: Lauren Ustaszewski

Director: Lenny Schwartz
Stage Manager: Caitlin Murphy
Producer: Jim Belanger
Set Design: Jim Belanger