Seven Devils Play Collection by Jeni Mahoney

It is with great excitement that I introduce the Indie Theater community to a collection of nine of the plays that have been developed at Seven Devils Playwrights Conference, which is a project of id Theater. Each June, Seven Devils brings professional and emerging theater artists from around the country together with student and community artists in rural McCall, Idaho for two weeks of rehearsals, workshops and readings. As a development conference, the goal is not fully realized productions, but rather the development of plays through collaboration, rehearsal, re-writing and feedback.

Since 2001, we’ve developed more than 100 new plays by Pulitzer Prize winners, mid-career professionals, emerging regional voices, local high school students and everything in between. More than 50% of the full-length plays developed at Seven Devils have gone onto full production at theaters all over the country and even across the pond – including the nine plays in this collection.

Why these nine? We wanted this collection to highlight exciting new plays that you can’t find anyplace else. So while we’re very proud of the plays that have been published elsewhere, you won’t find them in this collection. And this is just the beginning! There are already more Seven Devils plays in the pipeline so you can expect this collection to continue to grow.

What excites me most about this particular group of plays is that it represents the eclectic mix of voices and visions that have become a hallmark of the Seven Devils experience. id Theater’s mission is to develop work that embraces, challenges and celebrates the diversity of the American experience and this collection really embraces that spirit: whether we find ourselves in a bar with the regular joes who meet to watch football in David Van Vleck’s Four Beers; the mysterious and dangerous inhabitants of a magical global landscape in Caridad Svich’s Kill to Eat; or the last shred of hope on earth as it journeys from the liberation of Dachau, into the present, and far into the future in Mara Lathrop’s captivating The Garden of Monsters, each play gives us its own unique take on who we are, how we got here and where we’re going.

What excites me most about this moment is the opportunity to share these tremendous plays with a wider audience. When we’re selecting plays to work on, the question we ask ourselves is: do I need – really need – to see this play right now? For these plays, the answer was a very clear yes! Of course, for every play you’ll find in this collection, there are other very worthy play that are still awaiting that often elusive first production. If you are interested knowing more about those plays, we welcome you to visit our website where you can find information about us, and all the plays that we’ve developed.

(January 22, 2013)