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The Amoralists

The Amoralists is a theatre company that produces work of no moral judgment. Dedicated to an honest expression of the American condition, our ensemble explores complex characters of moral ambiguity, plunging the depths of the social, political, spiritual and sexual characteristics of human nature. Since the company’s inception in 2006, The Amoralists have presented 14 productions of 10 original works.

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  • Amerissiah AMERISSIAH
    By Derek Ahonen
    Amerissiah is a story of messiah complexes, American corruption, and open familial wounds.
  • Happy+in+the+Poorhouse HAPPY IN THE POORHOUSE
    By Derek Ahonen
    A raucous, irreverent, action-packed comedy about chasing after dreams even when you’ve got a black eye and a broken spirit.
  • Pink+Knees+on+Pale+Skin PINK KNEES ON PALE SKIN
    By Derek Ahonen
    A comedy about orgies gone wrong and a drama about marriage, regret, and family.
  • The+Bad+and+The+Better THE BAD AND THE BETTER
    By Derek Ahonen
    A detective noir that deals with contemporary issues.
  • The+Pied+Pipers+of+the+Lower+East+Side THE PIED PIPERS OF THE LOWER EAST SIDE
    By Derek Ahonen
    A celebration of love and the search for human grandness—and what happens when bohemian paradise begins to crumble.

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A detective noir that deals with contemporary issues. By: Derek Ahonen
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The Cheaters Club is a legitimately scary ghost story which will make you laugh out loud a lot.  This is a very difficult thing to pull off and The Amoralists do it flawlessly. Somehow Derek...
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Show preview: The Cheaters Club
Derek Ahonen (Writer and Director) answers five questions about this upcoming show.
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Neil Simon meets Sam Shepard in Mark Roberts’ Rantoul and Die. And the pairing is a happy one in this propulsive production by The Amoralists. Known for the raw emotionality and...
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