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Stage Left Studio

Stage Left Studio is the realization of the vision of Cheryl King, acting coach, director, performer, playwright and producer. Stage Left has an attractive, art-filled lobby, connected by a grand doorway to the tastefully appointed 20' x 24' studio, with 45 comfortable chairs, great lighting, and beautiful windows with a view of St. John the Baptist cathedral and Madison Square Garden. Easy access restroom, A state-of-the-art sound and light system, projector and screen, top-of-the-line Roland weighted key digital piano, mics and stands are provided. WiFi. Stage Left is a member of LITNY, League of Independent Theater New York.

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  • All+Aboard+the+Hindenburg! ALL ABOARD THE HINDENBURG!
    By Jason Sebacher
    High up in that fated dirigible, Robert Such--an impossibly-old Brit who's having some trouble coming to terms with the Modern age-- settles past loves, flirts with the nouveau riche, and discovers his own sexuality.
  • Art%27s+Heart ART'S HEART
    By Anthony Johnston
    Art is convinced he suffers from a very serious heart condition, that “any beat could be [his] last" - his obsessive love for the handsome Frenchman who lives across the street, his strange friendship with a fish named Paul, and the harsh realities of the world outside his apartment force Art to confront his fears head-on in this one-man comedy.
  • Miss+Magnolia+Beaumont+Goes+to+Provincetown MISS MAGNOLIA BEAUMONT GOES TO PROVINCETOWN
    By Joe Hutcheson
    Civil War era Southern debutante Miss Magnolia Beatrice Devareux Beaumont has choked to death on the meat of a pork rib, only to find herself suddenly inhabiting the body of a thirty-something gay New Yorker (to whom she refers to as Master Joseph) on his way to Provincetown, Massachusetts for a birthday vacation.
  • NY%2fXY NY/XY
    By William LoCasto
    Two young gay men are asked questions about their sexual choices and preferences by an anonymous, off-stage voice.
  • Southern+Gothic+Novel%3a+The+Aberdeen%2c+Mississippi+Sex-Slave+Incident SOUTHERN GOTHIC NOVEL: THE ABERDEEN, MISSISSIPPI SEX-SLAVE INCIDENT
    By Frank Blocker
    A solo play about a fictional book that feels like a movie: Viola Haygood chases her newest unavailable love amid town panic, disappearing young women and an FBI investigation.
  • Test-Do+you+really+want+to+know%3f+Are+you+positive%3f+(2M) TEST-DO YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW? ARE YOU POSITIVE? (2M)
    By William LoCasto
    Three short plays about the newly-released at-home HIV test and the ramifications therein.
  • Test-Do+you+really+want+to+know%3f+Are+you+positive%3f+(M%2fW) TEST-DO YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW? ARE YOU POSITIVE? (M/W)
    By Cheryl King
    Three couples take the new at-home HIV test -- they are a gay man and a straight woman who had sex once 10 years ago; a guy and his girlfriend who seems a bit "testy" about their relationship; and a mature couple who put off being sexual until they know.
  • You%27re+a+Good+Boy%2c+Abercorn YOU'RE A GOOD BOY, ABERCORN
    By Topher Cusumano
    The play explores a grotesque landscape of ritual, sexual violence, and survivor’s guilt, through the eyes of a young man who was kidnapped by a sadistic monster.