Ego Actus

BITTEN by Penny Jackson

Brian must convince his Irish alcoholic grandmother, Stella, that it’s time for her to move to a retirement community but Stella refuses to leave what she considers her true home: Quinn’s bar and its eccentric denizens.

I KNOW WHAT BOYS WANT by Penny Jackson

A high school girl discovers that this week's Internet sensation is a video of her having sex and is determined to handle this crisis alone.

SAFE by Penny Jackson

What else can an unhappy teenage girl do with a mom in rehab and an absentee dad but meet an older handsome man at Starbucks with a dangerous past?

Founded by Joan Kane and Bruce Kraemer, Ego Actus (Latin for "My Way") is dedicated to doing art for art’s sake. We produce, direct and design plays that are presented as a complete audience experience using all the elements of theatre: developed scripts, accomplished acting, and designs for set, costumes, lighting, sound and props by people who have made those disciplines a focus of their lives. They each bring their own way of doing things to our shows and we unify them into a collective “My Way.” We are affiliated with the Alliance of Resident Theatres/New York, Fractured Atlas, and the League of Independent Theater.