Plays and Playwrights 2015


An outrageous, biting satire with heart that will make you question helicopter parenting, the price of success, and what it means to give your family the best in life.

CHOSEN CHILD by Monica Bauer

Two generations of mothers and memories combine to change the fate of a schizophrenic man at the Port Authority Bus Terminal waiting for a sister he hardly knows, to fulfill an agreement that was never made; a time-bending play about adoption, desertion, forgiveness, and family.

DONKEY by John Patrick Bray

Coffee served hot with a big side of small town politics.

LIGHT OF NIGHT by Cecilia Copeland

A modern Latina retelling of the Persephone myth where Stephanie must find her way back from the underworld into the realm of the light and freedom.

NEAR VICKSBURG by Sara Farrington

Three completely powerless people hiding in a cave during the Battle of VIcksburg, 1863: Jane, a middle class Southern woman, her husband's slave, George, and Jane's teenaged daughter. As the war rages only inches away from them, Jane and George create their own version of society in the claustrophobic cave, with its own set of rules, boundaries, language and physicality.


A comic look at conspiracy theories and the people who believe in them, in light of 20th Century events like the Cuban Sandwich Crisis.

REAL DEAD GHOSTS by Jonathan A. Goldberg

Graham and Amber are a young married couple who promise to spend their anniversary in a secluded cabin away from work, friends and other distractions. But disappointments, secrets and regrets bubble to the surface when they're haunted by past choices and future responsibilities. A modern day ghost story. Unfinished business kind of shit.

THE BETTER MAN by Blake Walton

Six years after Del is rejected by Paul, he is invited to be the Best Man at Paul’s wedding to Julie and arrives to find that not only does no one know of their past together, but that Paul might still be in love with him.

THE PINK UNICORN by Elise Forier Edie

A Christian widow must choose sides in her conservative Texas town, after her teenage daughter announces she is "gender queer" and starting a chapter of the Gay and Straight Alliance at the local high school.


A reinvention of the classic alcoholic tale.

UNEQUILIBRIUM by Blake Bishton

When Martin and Gloria, a young married couple, discover they are unable to have children, they resort to some desperate and unconventional means of getting one. But some consequences cannot be foreseen, and their child may end up undoing not only their marriage, but also the very world they inhabit.

Excellent new scripts representing the diversity of indie theater in the 2013-14 theater season in NYC.