Planet Connections 2013

FIX NUMBER SIX by Jerry Polner

Jane is a 40-ish travel agent who dreams of pursuing her true calling -- being an international spy; so when her rich, lovesick customer wants to hire her to "fix" his life with whatever tawdry subterfuge is necessary, she jumps at the chance.

HIT AND MATCH by Michael Hagins

A lonely hitman turns to online dating to find love.

NATURE'S TRACE by Scott Raker

As the duties of five summer interns at Norwester National Park change from mundane office work to a park-wide search and rescue, the mysterious Ranger puts their wilderness training to the test.


A chopped-up show about waiting for the end of the world, with singing and dancing.

STRAIGHT FACED LIES by Mark Jason Williams

At the Ryans' Thanksgiving celebration, there's nothing to fear but family itself.

SUBJECT 62 by Lenny Schwartz

A surreal drama about holding onto one's identity during the onset of illness.

TAURIS by Sarah Moon

A posthuman environmentalist agenda collides with tradition and working class needs in this Greek drama/sci-fi mash-up that explores the turbulence of system change toward sustainability.

THE LIVING ROOM by Jenny Vallancourt

A scientist discovers how to transport a person's essence into furniture, which results in some problematic relationship drama.

WHAT DO YOU MEAN by Bruce A! Kraemer

Chris Oakmont gets a script accepted to a play festival, except he hasn’t written one yet.

Outstanding scripts from the fifth Planet Connections Theatre Festivity