New York Innovative Theatre Awards 2014

AN APPEAL TO THE WOMAN OF THE HOUSE by Christie Perfetti Williams

What would you do if history knocked on your door?

DARK WATER by David Stallings

When the swampland of Louisiana is hit with the most massive oil spill known to history, Barnacle, an old sea turtle, fights against man’s destruction, nature’s wrath, and her enemies of the wild to save her children trapped in the spill.

DUMBO by Kate Kertez

A powerful family uses unusual means to protect their reputation after one of their own does the unspeakable.

LIGHTS NARROW by Vincent Marano

Is hell a heaven of our own making or is the end a wish we can't control? Two strangers meet in a place both familiar and foreign to sort out their collective fates. Will death be the only winner?

MAGIC BULLETS by Adam R. Burnett

MAGIC BULLETS entertains a trip through modern health and wellness.

MEATY ONE ACT PLAYS by Mark Loewenstern

Food for thought, including three finalists for the Heideman Award!


A time-jumping, heartbreaking drama about the astounding true story of Charles and Mary Lamb, juxtaposed with a modern-day American “adaptation” of the difficult romance between Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh.

PIRIRA by J.Stephen Brantley

As the African nation Malawi erupts in riots, American aid workers Jack and Ericka take shelter in the storage room of a struggling NGO while, half a world away, Malawian student Gilbert and his gay co-worker Chad begin another day in the back room of a Manhattan florist.

THE GIN BABY by Sarah Shaefer

A contemporary play about a young alcoholic whose life falls apart after getting sober.

THE MAIDEN by Chance Muehleck

A contemporary reboot of the myth of Persephone featuring found text, live music, and choreographed movement.

These plays were all recognized with nominations by the New York Innovative Theatre Awards: as outstanding full-length script, outstanding short script, outstanding performance art production, or outstanding revival of a play